Colorectal Screening Campaign

Normalizing a poop check

The Challenge

Most people don’t look forward to getting a colonoscopy when they hit middle age. And many of those who should, simply won’t get one, even if it is the best way to detect colon cancer early. The reasons vary including, squeamishness, lack of access to a gastroenterologist, time constraints from a job and a lack of knowledge about the importance of early screening. Minority populations, men, and those without a physician are even less likely to get screened.

Armed with this knowledge, and a broad mission to reduce the impacts of cancer in our state, the Nevada Cancer Coalition asked us to develop an at-home colorectal cancer screening campaign. Because talking about poop can be awkward, we opted for a direct and humorous approach to help normalize the conversation and get people past the “ick” factor. Ready to get proactive about your colon health? Check your poop! 💩

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