Meet the team

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Edward Estipona

President & CEO

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Paige Galeoto

VP of Creative Services

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Kyle Brice

VP of Strategy

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Rajesh Bhimani

VP of Programming

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Nicole Dion

Account Director

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Stephanie Mazza

Senior Art Director

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Chelsey Brice

Account Manager

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Dianne Fernandez-Paiz

Social Media Specialist

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Zach Petersen

Account Coordinator

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Bella Albright

Junior Art Director

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Mitchell Awisus

Digital Media Specialist

While we’re headquartered in Reno, Nevada, we have teammates around the country and across the world.

More than a decade after we became a virtual agency, we have mastered remote collaboration (and perfectly timed Zoom calls), ensuring we have the right people on the job delivering the strongest results.