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We’re virtual. But real.
(Because we like paradoxes.)

You know what happens when you don’t have to invest in walls, roofs, floors or any other limit-imposing aspect of a physical office?

You get to invest instead in creativity: talent and technology that together, kick some serious ad/PR/marketing/communication booty.

Welcome to our ‘virtual’ reality. Come meet the players.


Our mission:
Work smart. Play nice.
Do good and whatnot.


Edward Estipona
President & CEO

Our founder, Edward Estipona, is the master of shifting gears — when it pertains to riding 70 miles around Lake Tahoe or climbing Geiger Grade on two wheels, that is. But he has never hit the brakes on his career. Here’s his story.

Paige Galeoto
VP Creative Director

Just as “at home” sipping coffee outside a European café, enjoying an après-ski cocoa or relishing a carb-loaded meal after a long ride down a rugged mountain trail is our worldly creative director, Paige Galeoto. Here’s her story.

Jackie Shelton
VP Public Relations

She’s the life of any party — mostly because she likely planned it (down to the last costume detail, themed hors d'oeuvre and comprehensive guest list of movers and shakers in the know). This is our VP of PR, Jackie Shelton. Here’s her story.

Mikalee Byerman
VP of Strategy

She literally wrote the book on Reno — channeling her wit and unique perspective on life into a compelling and engaging writing voice. And her creative insights also help inform strategy for Estipona Group clients. Meet Mikalee Byerman, VP of Strategy. Here’s her story.

Terri Ogden
Director of Client Services

Don’t let her freewheeling and fun-loving spirit fool you: Terri is outstandingly organized and detail-oriented, serving as the perfect liaison between clients and every Estipona Group department. This is Terri Ogden, client services director. Here’s her story.

Brian Raszka
Senior Art Director

He lets his creative freak flag fly—whether it’s hand drawing logos, creating stop-motion animation or developing engaging websites. Senior art director Brian Raszka has an eye for design, a passion for travel and a razor-sharp wit. Here’s his story.

Bruce Ruff
Senior Art Director

He always strikes the right chord — be it designing a client logo, providing creative input for an innovative campaign or rocking his Gibson Les Paul. Bruce Ruff is an art director’s art director. Here’s his story.

Nicole Dion
Client Services Manager

Her breezy demeanor and infectious personality make Nicole Rose Dion an ideal client services manager. She keeps her clients organized, her team on task, and her style — and social media game — are always on point. Here’s Nicole’s story.

Senior Art Director

She's sipped from all design disciplines and hasn't settled on her favorite flavor. Conveniently, she has a real taste for taking a client's complex marketing challenge and finding just the right design solution. She's Senior Art Director Nickie Price. Here’s her story.

Andrew Johnson
Video & Animation Producer

For Andy Johnson, the journey is the destination. He has spent decades telling stories through video and animation, creating compelling narratives in digital realms — as well as in real life. Just ask his car, Sally. Seriously, that’s her name. Here’s his story.

The Estipona Group out in the wild.

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Mikalee Byerman
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Edward Estipona
I was recently honored and humbled to receive the 2017 “Friend of the Foundation” award from the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, a philanthropic organization that is near and dear to my heart