You Know You Want To Putt Putt For Charity

You Know You Want To Putt Putt For Charity
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If you know anything about the Estipona Group team, you know we like to embrace our — how shall we say it? — quirky side.

And we also <3 philanthropy.

So it should come as no surprise that we’ve decided to host a charity golf tournament to benefit homeless populations in northern Nevada.

And it should also come as no surprise that this tournament will feature dinosaurs, a pink elephant and a half-naked magical genie.

(And no, we have no intention of dressing Ed up as a genie. Though come to think of it…)

What we are doing is this: We are hosting the first of what we hope will be an annual charity putt-putt tournament.

And you are invited!

Yes, you. All y’all, in fact. Obviously when it comes to mini-golf fun, the more, the merrier — and similarly, the more, the more money we raise for the homeless. Win-win!

Of course there will be prizes. Of course there will be costumes. Of COURSE there will be beer and pizza. And to top it all off, the proceeds are also going to a very special cause.

The Estipona Group has established a fund through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada that will benefit two community organizations serving local homeless populations. The award will be given to these organizations based on community nominations; these will then go to a committee, which will select recipients after reviewing submissions from the call for entries.

We at the Estipona Group are committed to making a quarterly donation to the fund, but we also wanted to allow our friends to contribute to this important cause. The fund will be dispersed annually, with the first award to be made in January 2018.

So join us, will ya? Register here, or go here for more details — and we even have some written rules prepared.

Because, you know: Miniature golf is super confusing.

And in case you’re curious about the costumes: Pick a team name (creativity will be “rewarded”; and yes, the “air quotes” are intentional there). Then dress in costume to reflect your awesome team moniker — doesn’t matter if the costumes are super-simple or elaborate, just make sure you can swing a putter and see clearly for maximum hole-in-oneage potential.

We can’t wait to see your team spirit and watch you kick some serious putt-putt butt.

And if we get enough participants, maybe we can exert some peer pressure around the concept of “Ed dressed as half-naked genie.”

EG_170371 Mini Golf Genie Ed_p1.1

Super creepy. Yeah, never mind.

So register now! And we’ll see you June 1!

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