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Estipona Putt-Putt Classic Rules and Stuff

Estipona Putt-Putt Classic Rules and Stuff

The object of miniature golf is to get the ball in the hole using the LEAST number of strokes. We mention this just in case you’ve recently moved here from another planet. In which case: Welcome! (Or “Sholiwhrolkaj!”; or “Qwuv dars fuie!”; or however else you say it in your native tongue.)  

All players on your team must remain with the team for the entire course, or the entire team will forfeit. Exceptions include beer runs and potty breaks — which we realize are directly correlated.

A team can be no larger than four players.

This is a modified version of "best ball." What does that mean, 'zactly? This: All four of you putt-putt players will play out each hole, counting how many strokes it takes you to get your tiny little ball in the obstructed hole. Make a column for each player, and record the strokes. The person with the LOWEST SCORE (not highest, cuz that would be crazy) is deemed the winner for that hole, and that person's putt number is circled, underlined, highlighted, asterisked or somehow identified as THE NUMBER. 

At the end of the putting — when all y'all have successfully completed all 18 happy holes —you'll add up the total number from the LOWEST SCORE ONLY (the circled, underlined, highlighted, asterisked or somehow identified number). This is your team total, and that's the number you'll give to your cheery Estipona Group representative at the conclusion of your game.

There are no ties allowed for first, second, or third place. Should any teams be in contention for one of these slots, those players of equal score must face off in a Final Smackdown.

(Note: No smacking may occur during the Final Smackdown. Just thought it might be important to mention.)

One player from each tied team will be asked to pick a number; an Estipona Team member will also pick a number (silently — shhhh, it’s a secret), and the team closest to the Estipona person’s number will get to pick the hole that will be the Final Smackdown destination.

That hole will be played until a winner emerges.

Similarly, ties are not allowed for last place. Only one team can win the Putt-Putt Squirrel award. Should there be contention for last place, a Final Smackdown will also occur between the teams in contention for the esteemed designation as winner of the Putt-Putt Squirrel.

General Rules, Penalties, and Conduct

DEFINITION OF A “STROKE”: Every time the putter touches the ball (that’s what she said), that counts as ONE STROKE.  Regardless of whether it barely rolled at all, regardless of whether you meant to do it or not — it still counts as a stroke.

If the ball goes in the hole and bounces out (man this game sounds dirty), you did not get a hole in one. *Sad face.*

(Quick aside: We never noticed how much innuendo there is in putt-putt golf. Actually, we totally did, and that may or may not have been one of the reasons we decided to hold this tournament.)

If you swing and MISS entirely, we are NOT counting that as a stroke, because you’re clearly not very good at this, and we were taught not to make fun of people.

And speaking of: If a ball should leave the green, all players MUST point and laugh at the offending player. Because we’re laughing with you, not at you. Also, the ball must then be placed at the closest place to where it left the course.

One stroke penalty if:

  • Ball jumps fairway – play the next shot from spot where ball jumped fairway.
  • Ball is snagged in an obstacle – free the ball and play from that spot, but not nearer the hole. Or else, fair warning: we’re going to call you a “cheater-cheater-pumpkin-eater.”

A player is entitled to move his/her ball the distance of the putter head from any wall. That is if you want to be a wuss. A real player would just suck it up, but you can move the ball. Go ahead. We won’t judge. Much.


Occasionally, you’ll be asked to play a hole in a — shall we say, unusual — manner. Just go with it. Please and thank you.


Players shall use the balls and putters provided by the establishment. (PS, if you’re a big enough nerd to have your own putt-putt equipment, then we think you’re adorable.)

You are not permitted to switch clubs or balls at any time during the tournament unless you think the club or ball has some seriously bad mojo on it. In which case: Feel free.


You MUST follow all applicable rules set forth by Magic Carpet Golf as well. You’re in charge of determining which ones apply and which don’t. Oh, and while you’re not supposed to swing a club above your knees, that rule doesn’t apply if you’re being attacked by a bee. Or a bear. Or someone who looks super-duper angry. Really, if you’re being attacked, you do what you have to do.

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