The golf is mini. The impact is major.


When: Thursday, June 1, 4pm

Where: Magic Carpet Golf, 925 S Virginia St

What: Extreme mini-golf fun with your friends, benefiting northern Nevada’s homeless population

Register: Click here

Details & Such:

Gather a team of 4 to 6 players. Maybe they’re good at golf. Maybe they’re good at drinking beer. Maybe they can rock those knickers. Just make sure you surround yourself with people you can endure for 18 holes of pure putt-putt magic.

Pick a team name (creativity will be “rewarded”; and yes, the “air quotes” are intentional there). Then dress in costume to reflect your awesome team moniker — doesn’t matter if the costumes are super-simple or elaborate, just make sure you can swing a putter and see clearly for maximum hole-in-oneage potential.

Cost for a team is $150*


What you get:

  • 18 holes of the finest Magic Carpet Miniature Golf — best ball format.
    (Did we lose you there? No worries, we’ll explain all the details at the event.)
  • Pizza and pitcher of beer
    We understand that is just a warm up for many of you. Especially if pizza and beer make your game better (or worse). You can purchase additional pizzas when you register and additional beer at the event.
  • Prizes!
    No good at golf? No problem. We likely have an award for you. Oh, and expect us to ask you to do silly things along the way — joyful compliance is expected, nay, required.


Awards to include (subject to change should the mood strike us):
• My Pretty (Esti)pony Award — Best Dressed
• Hole Lotta Awesome Award — Best Score
• Shiny Object Award — Worst Score (because you were clearly distracted the entire time; or so we’re assuming)
• No, No, After You Award — Sportsmanship
• Shake It Off Award – Best Injury


Really? You want the rules for a miniature golf tournament. Oh, you’re that kind of player. Well, here you go.   


How to register:

Ready to goof around with friends for a great cause? Super, let’s get you signed up!


*What do we do with your money?

Estipona Group is committed to helping alleviate homelessness in northern Nevada. To support our goal, we have established a fund through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada to benefit two community organizations that serve local homeless populations. The first award will be made in January 2018, and tournament proceeds will be part of it. Now doesn’t that just feel good?



General interest flyer
Team leader flyer to gather players