We’re still getting our culture on!

We’re still getting our culture on!
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Sometimes a client joins our roster and it feels like a match made in heaven. So it is with our new client, the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, who we welcomed in January of 2024.

This client’s mission is one we’re passionate about. In 2023, Nevada’s tourism industry generated $90 billion and supported 386,200 jobs, and Estipona Group (EG) loves anything that helps our state thrive and improve quality of life. We support this government agency with division branding and day-to-day marketing for the Nevada Arts Council and the Nevada Division of Museums and History. 

Nevada Arts Council 

The Nevada Arts Council is mission-driven to foster and support arts, culture and creativity in the state, which aligns quite nicely with our agency values and, frankly, the stuff we care about. We kind of have a thing for the arts — from marketing some of our region’s most revered cultural institutions over the years to helping found Arts4Nevada to serving on the Nevada Arts Council. Fun fact: EG was even awarded the Governor’s Arts Award, recognizing our support of the arts. 

Below is some work we did for Intersections, Nevada’s annual creative conference. 

Nevada Division of Museums and History

The Nevada Division of Museums and History, which includes seven distinct museums spread across the state, is preserving Nevada’s history and heritage. I mean, how can you not be on board with that?! We are a truly unique state and our heritage is a valued state treasure. We now have the opportunity to promote that opportunity to residents and visitors through broad museum marketing initiatives, as well as individual exhibits. Here’s some of the work we’ve done so far.

Tourism, culture and beyond

We’re just getting started with the Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, and we are excited to continue supporting this valuable state agency. Before you head out, take a scroll through our other client work to see what else we’ve been up to.

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