Trego Integrated Systems

Simplifying the complex supply chain story

The Challenge

Sometimes our clients do things that are hard to explain to a general audience. Such is the case for Trego Integrated Systems (TIS), an industrial automation consultancy. TIS needed to establish itself as a standalone brand when the founder went out on his own. The brand needed to instantly convey credibility and professionalism, as well as modern tech savviness, for both potential clients and investors.


Establishing a credible brand

We started with a rebrand, giving the company a new name that took advantage of the experience and reputation of its founder Jim Trego. TIS specializes in supply chain automation and mechanization — technical stuff that doesn't lend itself to beautiful prose. So, to help explain the value TIS can bring to manufacturing clients, we developed an animated video. We also built a website for TIS, housing descriptive case studies and explaining his various service offerings.

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