Gary Platt Manufacturing

Giving search results a seat at the table

The Challenge

Gary Platt Manufacturing is in a niche market — they manufacture performance seating for casinos. In other words, they make comfortable, high-quality seats that invite gamblers to stay put and play longer. Like many other businesses, COVID-19 had given Gary Platt a one-two punch — they were no longer going to events to promote and sell their products and companies were not actively looking to invest in new product. They approached Estipona Group looking for help with their Google ad strategy.

What we did:

While Gary Platt had an existing Google Search Campaign, EG conducted an audit of the data collection and tracking setup to ensure the reliable tracking of results. By identifying custom conversion points throughout the website and connecting Google Analytics to Google Ads, we were able to directly observe and compare results while making real-time changes, depending on what the data told us. After making modifications to existing campaigns and auditing search keywords, EG successfully increased key metrics and optimized spending.

"They are professional, knowledgeable, honest and have brought our website dreams to life!"

"10/10 would recommend again and again as the best web developer/maintenance/Google AdWords experts you will not be disappointed with the results from this amazing company!"
– Bria Hansen

The Results

  • 924% increase in conversion rate
  • 13% increase in clicks 
  • 89% reduction in cost per conversion
  • 22% increase in website users

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