Branding a new product

You Won’t Believe It’s Not Tile!

The challenge

The cool thing about making an innovative, cost-effective construction product is the potential to transform an industry. The less cool thing is first having to convince people that you have a truly innovative, cost-effective product.

The Estipona Group partnered with Aleris Manufacturing to create a brand for their inventive new tile product that offers the look of traditional tile without the other irritating attributes (like many individual pieces, time-consuming installation and heaviness). The product was to be marketed to the construction, interior design and renovation industries and would be going head-to-head with design standards like ceramic, marble, slate and granite.

A name so good, it was taken

When the client came to us, they already had a clever name for their new product – Versi-Tile (Get it? Because it’s versatile? Yeah, we liked it, too.) And while we were totally onboard at the prospect, our first step in branding is that pesky but important research component, which revealed that the name was in use by another company and was under trademark. (Well shoot. We hate it when great client ideas are preemptively taken by someone else.)

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