Amplifying a workforce development brand

The challenge

As Nevada's workforce development hub, Nevadaworks does a lot of vital work for many different stakeholders — from government agencies to Nevada employers to unemployed workers. They're big players in an important sector, yet their brand didn't reflect their key roles or their value to the community. While their work was valued and their programs and resources were actively used, no one associated the work they were doing with the brand. Nevadaworks was invisible. Estipona Group set out to change that. 



New rules for a 10-year-old brand

While the Nevadaworks logo was already in place when the organization partnered with EG, it was not being used consistently or appropriately. There was also no accompanying brand guide, so we developed one to help the organization and its partner agencies create brand consistency and improve brand awareness.

A website to speak to all audiences

When Estipona Group set out to develop a new website, we had several goals:
1) Create a consistent, intuitive and user-centric website experience
2) Develop meaningful content for the two main target audiences — employers and workers — as well as government partners
3) Update the brand look and tone to feel modern and relevant

Creating a voice

In concert with the branding and web work, EG developed Nevadaworks' social media presence. Starting with a Social Media Strategy Guide, Estipona Group established target audiences, content types, and KPIs. This influences monthly editorial calendars and weekly posts, developed to engage with the various target audiences and share timely information.

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