A picture of Leslie Median - Social Media Coordinator

Leslie Medina

Social Media Coordinator



What career path do you choose when you love writing, are passionate about social causes, and believe in the power of branding? For Leslie Medina, those interests have led her to Estipona Group (EG) in the role of Social Media Coordinator.

Don’t let her title fool you, Leslie does a lot more than “coordinate.” This bilingual content-creator spends her workdays tracking social media trends, developing platform strategies with her team, and managing her clients’ social media identities. She also lends her transcreation skills to our clients’ Spanish-language communications.

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, Leslie grew up with a strong sense of justice and a passion for helping her community. Before joining Estipona Group, she worked for a non-profit organization focused on policy innovation for working class immigrant families in the U.S. She continues to advocate for her community, serving on the board of the Latino Stakeholders Council where she helps address challenges facing the Latino community in Reno, including public health, economic empowerment, immigration rights and education. Leslie continues to make an impact by creating content for our roster of community-oriented clients. Whether she’s helping low-income families find accessible health care, or providing resources to help Nevadans buy their first home, Leslie takes pride in supporting our mission-driven clients who are making a difference in the community.

As a first-generation college graduate, Leslie earned two Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Nevada, Reno – one in Journalism (with an emphasis in Public Relations) and one in Spanish Literature and Culture. Her journey to her current job began when she was hired as a communications and digital intern publishing biweekly blogs on current events and news. While the job ignited a passion for copywriting, social media and content creation, it also made clear to her that news and politics were not realms she wanted to work in. During her final semester of college, Leslie pursued a copywriting internship at Estipona Group where she got a crash course in developing strategic advertising campaigns and writing impactful copy for websites, audio and visual communications. Now she’s using that knowledge and her natural talents, to help EG clients build their brands and engagement on social media.

When she isn’t overachieving, you can find Leslie at a music festival, painting planets and stars with her boyfriend, or making cocktails on the beach. Having grown up in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, she is a natural adventure enthusiast who spends her free time hiking, paddle boarding, and road-tripping to new places. And while she appreciates the role of social media in building her clients’ brands and giving them a voice, she also loves to share her personal adventures on her IG feed or TikToks.