"What are we solving for?"

Kyle Brice was the kid who asked “Why?” — again and again and again — much to the irritation of his parents and teachers.

This natural curiosity has not waned over the years and is now put to good use in his role as VP of Strategy at Estipona Group. Kyle helps clients define and articulate their goals and ensures the agency’s work is aligned to meet those goals. He offers a depth of knowledge and acumen (sorry for that $5 word, but it really fits the bill here) for communication strategy that has made him the go-to problem solver throughout his career.

In previous marketing roles, Kyle was continually relied on to figure things out. (Professional code for, “You’re on your own, son.”) While doing things “the way they were done before” is certainly easier, particularly when you’re new to a job, Kyle has always seen the value of developing unique, customized marketing strategies. Aided by a passion for research, he gets to know his client, works to become an expert in their industry, then uncovers their unique needs. His clients have included government, Fortune 500 companies, travel, business-to-business, and technology startups.

With analytics, data points, and spreadsheets in his toolbox, Kyle’s role can appear quite technical, but at its core, it’s simply about solving problems. While the tools and platforms change and evolve, his job is to figure out how to communicate with the target audience in a thoughtful manner that inspires action.

It’s both important and gratifying to Kyle to ‘close the loop’ on a strategic plan, generating quantifiable results for his clients. Over the course of his career, he has successfully built and grown brands by improving traffic to digital platforms, increasing lead growth, securing media coverage, and delivering qualified leads.

Kyle graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in journalism. In his free time, he likes to eat good food, drink good whiskey, and spend time in the Nevada outdoors with his wife Chelsey (who, coincidentally, also works at Estipona Group) and their adorable and talented son Lawson.