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Good Deeds

Good Deeds 

We are passionate about this place we call “home” (if it wasn’t already abundantly clear). In an effort to demonstrate our love, we launched our Good Deeds campaign in 2016, executing one community good deed for every year we have been in business. In 2016, that was 23 years and 23 deeds. (You can see what we did in 2016 by clicking the aptly named box below or read a summary here.) This year, we're working on 24 deeds (see, we can do math).

But we wanted to make a bigger impact.

So in 2017, we established the Estipona Group Good Deeds Fund through the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Our annual good deeds initiative — this year, #24Years24Deeds — will contribute to this fund, along with direct donations from our company. Events like out Putt-Putt Classic will help us generate the funds we need to support community organizations that serve local homeless populations. The awards will be given to organizations based on community nominations and a selection by a Community Foundation committee in January 2018.  

Below is a historical accounting of our Good Deeds. 


Mikalee Byerman
We at the Estipona Group are absolutely oozing with it. Gratitude, that is. And the things for which we find ourselves feeling grateful this year range from the totally expected, to the “huh,
Mikalee Byerman
In many ways, “home” is everything. It’s where we feel safe and grounded, where we recharge for every new day, where we gather with loved ones and where we plan out our futures. With this in mind, we
Edward Estipona
I was recently honored and humbled to receive the 2017 “Friend of the Foundation” award from the Community Foundation of Western Nevada, a philanthropic organization that is near and dear to my heart