Ready to Commit a Random Act of Pie-ness?

Ready to Commit a Random Act of Pie-ness?
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You’ve heard of the concept of “random acts of kindness,” yes? When a totally random someone does something completely unexpected and awesome for you?

Well we’re hijacking the concept, and substituting “pie” for “kind,” because they kinda sound alike, and also in celebration of pi(e) day, which is Wednesday, because it’s 3.14 if you write the date with a period, which is the mathematical number for pi, which is useful and awesome in lots of mathematical applications.

Still with us? Cool.

So anyhow, wanna do a random act of pie-ness with us? Here are the deets.

This is our third annual Estipona Group Pi(e) Day Celebration. And while we typically ask you to bake or buy a pie for a random person, this year it’s even amazing-er because we’re delivering 12 pies — pizza pies, this time — to the Eddy House, a safe house and resource center for homeless youth.

We couldn’t do this without the totally rad folks at the brand new Pizzava, located in Midtown, because they’re graciously donating the pies. Our heartfelt thanks to them! (Now make plans to visit them for lunch or dinner this week, will ya? They did pie it forward, after all, so we think it’s a fabulous idea to reciprocate.)

We’re also hoping you’ll celebrate Pi(e) Day with us this year by randomly surprising a random someone with a random pie as well. This can take the shape of a pizza pie (from — say it with me — Pizzava, preferably) or it can be the flaky variety stuffed with fruit or sweets.

It can literally be given to anyone — though we do recommend it’s a friend, neighbor or someone in public service (so deserving!), because you just can’t replicate the utter confusion, initial mild terror but eventual joy of a random stranger being handed a pie, say, while on a jog along the Truckee or emerging from the fitting room in the mall.

If you’re looking for our top nine (non-creeper) ideas for your (sweet or meat) pie recipient, here are just a few audiences that would love an unexpected pie on this most auspicious of commemorative holidays:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Neighbors
  4. First responders
  5. (Current or former) teachers
  6. Military service members
  7. Veterans centers
  8. Shelters
  9. Senior centers

And if you choose to participate, we kindly request this: Take a pic of your pie (and/or your happy recipient), and share it with us on the Estipona Group’s Facebook page or Instagram using the following hashtags: #PieItForward #PiDay #25Years25Deeds.

So join us: Let’s turn Pi Day into Pi(e) Day, and Pie it Forward!

Oh, one more thing: Did you know pi is known as an irrational number, meaning its exact value is inherently unknowable? No lie: According to this article:

“Computer scientists have calculated billions of digits of pi, starting with 3.14159265358979323…, but because no recognizable pattern emerges in the succession of its digits, we could continue calculating the next digit, and the next, and the next, for millennia, and we'd still have no idea which digit might emerge next. The digits of pi continue their senseless procession all the way to infinity.”

Infinity. Like the amount of appreciation we have for you, for Pizzava, for the fine folks at the Eddy House and for Random Acts of Pie-ness.

Click here for more details about #25Years25Deeds, and please join us Wednesday by committing a Random Act of Pie-ness!

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