Our Top 5 New Years Resolutions (Yup. In February.)

Our Top 5 New Years Resolutions (Yup. In February.)

Yeah. It’s Feb. 1, and we’re just now getting to a post about our New Year’s resolutions.

Too late? Nah.

Because guess what? A resolution to “Stop procrastinating”? Not on our list.

(Yay! Resolution kept! Or rather, non-resolution not kept. Whatever.)

And to be clear, we did actually make these resolutions last year. Honest! We just strategically decided that you’d all be inundated with resolution posts at the beginning of January, so we waited. See? It’s all about the intentional, strategic thinking.

Anyhow, late last year, we at the Estipona Group made goals. Wanna see ‘em?

To wit:

  1. We resolve to keep the weight on — and probably even gain in 2016!
    Weight scale


Kale, açaí (what language is that even, anyhow?) and black pudding are not on our radar. Though anything made of pig’s blood, pork fat and oatmeal described as “a helping of crumbly blood sausage”? Mmmmm.

Nope. Instead, we’re focused on keeping our weight right where it is. And if not, we’re hoping to gain a healthy sum.

You know, for good measure. In case of new clients. Or zombie apocalypse.

Yeah, we’re talking manpower.

Our team began 2015 with 6 employees. We ended with 13. For the mathematically challenged, that means we more than doubled in size (no new math needed there — though if we did use new math, you’d have to take the sum of 6 and 13, add a goat’s behind, subtract a boll weevil and voila: more than double).

So we’ve decided we like our size. Yes, we weigh a sum total of about 1,946.8247824 pounds. Give or take. And we’re not even a bit insecure or obsessive about it.

So no losing weight here. Nope. We intend to gain. Planing on it, in fact.

(And btw, in case of zombie apocalypse, we’re all meeting at Clayton Middle School. Just FYI.)

  1. We resolve to take on LOTS more stress in 2016.

Let’s face it: While most resolutions involve de-stressing, we’re going to be totally realistic.

We thrive on stress. We seriously do. We don’t even know what to do with ourselves when we’re not multi-tasking, or taking on extra work, or firing on all cylinders.

As a virtual agency, we are efficient and effective. But in this New Year, we’re hoping to take on more meaningful work, including a few community projects with lasting implications.

Stay tuned.

  1. Paige cupWe resolve to drink more.

Now there’s a good resolution if ever we’ve seen one.

And you know, we don’t necessarily mean alcoholic beverages. Though we’re not adverse to that, either. But here’s the thing: When you’re a virtual agency, you tend to drink a lot.

Of coffee, people. Sheesh.

So in the New Year, we’re going to drink even more. Because that’s what we do while patronizing local coffeehouses.

(Anyone else need a pee break right about now?)

  1. We resolve to spend tons more time on social media.

So here’s the deal: A lot of our friends have been talking about how much less time they want to spend on social media in the new year.

Some even talk about — *gasp!*ditching it altogether.

But we aren’t exactly on that page. In fact, we’re thinking we need more.

We need more Facebook, Periscope, Vine, Twitter and Instagram.

Just hook up the IV now.

Because guess what? Social media isn’t going away anytime soon.


  1. We resolve to keep smoking.

No, people: We’re not condoning cigarettes, cigars or pipe smoking.

Not even the electronic kind.

We’re talking about smoking, as in being “on fire.”

The year 2015 was good for Estipona Group. We attracted new, spectacular clients. We kept veteran, spectacular clients. We made a fun, spectacular video, presented at an NCET Tech Bite luncheon and won some awards.

But we’re looking forward to the magic that will be 2016.

And we hope you’ll be part of it.

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