Meet Andrew Johnson (To Clarify, NOT the 17th U.S. President)

Meet Andrew Johnson (To Clarify, NOT the 17th U.S. President)
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Andy Johnson holding a tray of crab

Andrew Johnson is Estipona Group’s video and animation producer and owner of iMed Design. While you won’t necessarily see him at Starbucks for a team con-fab or participating locally in one of our 24 EG good deeds, he’s the man behind this and this. And this. And all of our bio videos. And so much more.

Wanna know a little more about the wizard behind the video curtain? Your wish is our command!

Q. Why do you do what you do (and what do you do, anyhow)?

A. I love what I do because I’m able to combine a lot of my talents/passions into one career. I’ve worked as an illustrator, photographer, musician and audio engineer. I love putting things together —figuring out how they’ll work together to create something creative and cool. So my “job” allows me use all those things.

I tell people I make videos in my basement.

Q. What was high school Andy like, and how is he different from (or perhaps the same as) grown-up Andy?

A. I drove a van in high school — yes, one of those tasteful ’70s, shag carpet and lava lamp party trucks. HS ‘drew was low-key and was friends with everybody — jocks, nerds, artists, dramas, dorks…it was a cool time. I was in the Jazz Band (keyboards) and began my side “career” of hot rodding classic cars in auto shop. I’m not that much different today except in two ways: 1) I didn’t keep up my music into adulthood while my music friends did (one of my very few regrets); and B) My vehicles don’t resemble extras from Cheech and Chong movies any more.

Q. Which one is your favorite “Andy”: Andy from Toy Story, Andy Griffith, Andy Warhol, or Andy Jackson? (That last one is the seventeenth U.S. President, btw.) Or an altogether different Andy of your choosing?

A. I was told that I was named after President Andrew Johnson (thanks mom, thanks a lot) and I actually may be remotely related. But I always thought I identified with Andy Travis from WKRP in Cincinnati. He lived the life!

Q. Considering your home address is in Maryland, you’re one of Estipona Group’s remotest employees; why don’t you just move to Reno, already?

A. We live life on a 5-Year Plan. Every five years or so, we take a hard look at our place in the world and decide if we’ll stay or try a different city. Reno was my third stop. It was a great 6+ years — loved our friends, Tahoe, SF and Monterey — but I never got used to watching Monday Night Football at 5 in the afternoon. I grew up traveling the country, so I’m kinda restless. We just passed five years in Baltimore. We’re starting to look at brochures again.

Can’t get enough of our favorite Andy? Read his bio (and even hear him speak!) here.

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