24 Good Deeds for 24 Years

24 Years 24 Deeds LogoWe at the Estipona Group are kicking off our 24th year in business feeling grateful and blessed for your business and support. Last year, we devoted ourselves to creating a concrete reflection of our gratitude to the community for the success of our business, completing 23 good deeds for our 23 years in business.

And we think you know where we’re going with this.

For our 24th year, we’ll be making 24 contributions to this community we love.

Faithful change-makers unite!

What is a “Good Deed”

Whether it’s organizing donation drives to help our fellow citizens or getting our hands dirty cleaning up public spaces, we’re committed to doing our part for this community we love so much. We want our gratitude to be more than pretty words — which we have a lot of, don’t get us wrong. But when our goals include improving lives and doing better business, it’s a natural extension then to reaffirm that commitment directly to our community.

Here’s What We Need From You

Each of us has our own pet projects that we’ve been involved in together and independently, but there is more out there — and that’s where you can make a difference!

Do you know an organization that could use our army of philanthropic minions? Maybe there are some good Samaritans who need boots-on-the-ground-help to kick off their causes. Or perhaps you work for an organization and would just like to work with us, side-by-side. We’d love to hear your suggestions, as a bigger group means a broader net. Let us know by filling out this quick and easy form.

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Where Can You See Our Good Deeds?

Just follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and our newsletter and you’ll be kept up-to-date on all the deeds we’re doing. And please, help us spread the word about #24Years24Deeds; because the more people who contribute, the more our community benefits, and the more fun we have in the process.

And that’s a win-win-WIN!


Here’s a list of all the deeds we’ve completed this year:

  1. Diaper Drive for Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra
    • Collected more than 10,000 diapers
  2. New website for Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra
    • Designed and programmed new site to improve form and function
  3. Updated branding collateral and created a series of ads for Community Foundation of Western Nevada
  • New letterhead and branding materials
  • Ads in the Northern Nevada Business Weekly
  • Updated website and participated in Spoker Ride Reno‘s annual bike ride
    • Update of logo, website and outdoor board
    • Rode in the annual bike ride
  • Cooked a meal for the Ronald McDonald House in Reno
    • Prepared a full three-course meal
  • Designed art for new Reno High School jerseys for the mountain biking team
    • New logo and color scheme
  • Produced three video ads for Nevada Equine Assisted Therapy and updated Google Analytics architecture
    • Ads were run on Facebook and the new architecture is tracking results
  • Organized and promoted “What Can I Do” mixer to connect several non-profits with volunteers
    • Non-profits were able to get volunteer sign-ups and donations
  • Prepared pies for Brookdale Sparks and promoted Pi Day
    • Prepared (or acquired, let’s be honest) a diverse selection of pies
  • Designed communication materials for Arts 4 Nevada
    • Developed an email template for communications to their stakeholders
  • Organized, promoted and operated the Estipona Putt-Putt Classic charity event
    • Money will go to our fund to benefit organizations that help the homeless
  •  Gave blood for the World Blood Donor Day
    • Gave 4 pints of blood