Say ‘Hey’ to a Few New Friendly Creatives

Say ‘Hey’ to a Few New Friendly Creatives
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We’re multiplying like — well, estiponies around here! For most of our modern history, the Estipona Group has been a small but mighty team – scrappy in stature but packing a powerful strategic punch. Recently, we’ve become slightly less small but far mightier due to some prolifically creative new additions, so it’s time to introduce you to the new faces you may have noticed in some of our posts or meetings. 

Here’s a little about what they do as part of our team, a bit about their backgrounds and a random question that might just offer insight into why they’re the perfect additions to our team of lovable weirdos. 

Stephanie Mazza

Stephanie Mazza has joined the Estipona Group’s art department in the role of badass graphic designer (seriously, we think that's on her business card). She was born in San Francisco, grew up in Sonoma Valley, went to college in Napa Valley, and has performed design work for clients including Disneyland/Disney World, the NFL, Lancôme, Bloomingdales and Microsoft in Los Angeles. In 2016, Mazza moved to Reno to live closer to snowboarding (did we mention how smart she is?), and she worked at the RSCVA until 2020. There, she led in-house design, creating Reno-Tahoe swag and sales collateral and managing design efforts to secure several citywide conventions including SCI, Interbike and NAGUS.  

Random question: What's the weirdest thing about you? (that you don't mind sharing with the EG follower masses, that is…)

Stephanie: I have zero chill when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. EDGES FIRST. And never ever ever look at the picture on the box. Also, my mom likes to brag that I used to do puzzles upside down as a kid.

Camie Yokote

Camie Yokote is the brains behind much of the Estipona Group’s client social media, crafting content, planning editorial and engaging on multiple platforms. She graduated cum laude in 2020 from UNR with a dual major in marketing and finance. While the pandemic inspired her to move home to be closer to family in Hawaii, her deep ties to Reno keep her working with local clients, including the Gattuso Coalition. She also does social media for the Maui Cattle Company. We hear her work there is udder-ly fascinating. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) 

Random question: What’s your breakfast of choice, and what does this say about your character? 

Camie: So I mix my Raisin Bran with Frosted Flakes. I think what this says is that I naturally mesh better with older people like Raisin Bran, but the sprinkle of Frosted Flakes adds some pizazz to my personality lol. Also, is it better or worse if I also add Frosted Mini Wheats to that duo? Trust me, IT'S SO GOOD. 

In last month’s Estipona Express, we briefly introduced you to our two design interns, Bella Albright and Halle Robbins. 

Here’s a bit more about them. 

Bella Albright

Bella is providing her creative vision (as well as her bilingual abilities) to the Estipona Group team’s social media and art departments. She is a former marketing intern for Big Brothers Big Sisters, where she contributed to social media and creative campaigns. Bella spent her junior year studying abroad in Donostia, Spain, where she was an international affairs intern. 

Random question: If you could trade places for one day with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Bella: I think if I could trade places with anyone for one day it would be Jeff Bezos. I’d spend the day galivanting on my private jet and exploring as much of the world as I could, while eating my way through it. Then I’d donate the majority of his money to deserving causes. Muahaha. 

Halle Robbins 

Halle is also interning at the Estipona Group, lending yet another design eye to our social media and creative executions. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in visual communications from the Reynolds School of Journalism, and as if that’s not enough, also a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design. Previously, she interned at Silver State Barricade and Sign, where she designed street signs, property signs, labels and stickers. 

Random question: Your name rhymes with “valley,” not “daily.” Which is slightly odd but totally awesome. Who are you named after? 

Halle: My mom was watching The Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan version) when it came out, and she was like "that'll work" haha. But more to that story, my middle name is Ani (pronounced aw-ni not annie) because of Halle and Annie — so yes, my entire name is inspired by the Parent Trap.

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