Meet Account Executive Chelsey Brice

Meet Account Executive Chelsey Brice
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You asked (well, we sorta assumed you did), we're answering: Check out this Q&A session we recently conducted with our newest member of Team Estipona, Chelsey Brice! If you'd like to see bios of other members of our team, go here

Chelsey Brice with husband

Q: So there’s this funny story about your husband: In casual conversation with pretty much anybody, you call him by his first and last name. Explain, you freak. 

A: Freak? Ouch. I think it’s weird that you think it’s weird. Honestly, I’ve been calling him by his first and last name for so long that it surprises me every time (which still happens a lot) people ask why. But here’s the deal: My husband’s name is Kyle, and my younger brother is also named Kyle. When I met Kyle Brice (husband), I had to figure out a way to distinguish between the two with my family. Then, to make things more complicated, my brother lived with us, and literally nobody knew who I was talking about. So in an effort to keep things clear for any involved parties who happened to know both Kyles, I just started calling my husband Kyle Brice —which has a nice ring to it — and after 10 years, those things stick I guess. Best part is there are now whole hordes of people who call my husband by his first and last name — many of whom are people he has never met. 

Q: We know you love pets. Tell us about the furry friend currently living in your home. And if you could adopt any kind of exotic pet, what would it be, and why? 

A: You’re allowed to say it, I’m a crazy #dogmom who is absolutely obsessed with my #furbaby. We’ve had Wren for a little over a year. She’s a silver lab, and she’s honestly the best. I always knew that Kyle Brice and I would get a dog, but truthfully, I didn’t know I’d like her as much as I do. Having a dog has totally reaffirmed for me that we as humans don’t deserve them. As far as exotics go, I can appreciate reptiles and birds, but don’t really want one in the house. Does a hairless cat named Dobby count as exotic? Because, yaaassss. Also, I just saw an Instagram video of a baby kangaroo and would literally die if it needed me to be its foster mom. Now, putting the crazy aside, I’ll probably just stick to dogs; in fact, don’t be shocked if we have another pupper soon! Wren totally needs a brother.

Chelsey Brice dog WrenQ: What attracted you to the Estipona Group? (Besides our effortless charm, obvs.) 

A: Oh man, it was definitely the effortless charm, 100%. But, I guess my SECOND favorite aspect of the Estipona Group would have to be the overall strategy for managing accounts. In talking to the team, I saw that there was a clearly defined process for EVERYTHING, and that process really aligns with my personal philosophy of managing expectations. I’m sure at some point I’ll begin to sound like a broken record about this, but I firmly believe that mismanaged expectations are at the core of most disagreements — not just professionally but personally as well. I work really hard to help manage my clients’ expectations, and then once they are managed, I can work with the team to hopefully exceed them. But I’ll never promise my clients something I don’t fully believe is achievable. I will try and work hard and bust my (can I swear in this?) booty to make it happen, but my success as an AE hinges on managing expectations in order to avoid disappointment. So yeah, I appreciated that EG gave me a process by which to do that. And I guess it doesn’t hurt that I’m able to work from home, with aforementioned fur baby. 

Q: What were you like as a child? How is slightly-less-young Chelsey different from young-young Chelsey?

A: Thanks for saying slightly-less-young as opposed to adult, because I still don’t think I can qualify as an “adult.” Changing the subject, I was an awesome kid, obviously. I am a middle child, so I spent most of my time keeping the peace with my siblings, which is probably why I still love solving problems as an account executive. Like most millennials I was over programmed, so I played multiple sports (but never got a participation trophy), was super involved in leadership, I was on the student council and I kind of was (still am) a #HarryPotter nerd #always. But now, as a slightly-less-young Chelsey, I think all of that programming — or rather, involvement— set me up to really thrive when I’m busy. It also taught me how to manage my time well and be a team player — thus leading me to this career, where it’s go, go, go. Thanks for over-programming me, Mom and Dad.

For the official Chelsey Brice bio, go here

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