Estipona Group tested TikTok so you don’t have to

Estipona Group tested TikTok so you don’t have to
Kyle Brice

Yep, Estipona Group has a TikTok. I know, we’re renegades. But really, this isn’t cutting edge. TikTok has been available in the US since 2018, and we’ve had our account since waaay back in early 2020 (although we admit, she was a bit neglected). After coming out of the gate strong, we ended up running into a string of no-bones-days in 2021. Like, a whole year’s worth of no-bones-days. 

Anyway, at a company retreat we decided it was time to get back Tikin’ (or is that Tokin’?). We recruited our Gen-Y team members, brainstormed, pulled out our acid-washed mom jeans and put together three new TikToks. Since we’re know you’re absolutely breathless with anticipation, (and quite possibly not following us on Tiktok – yet) you can watch them here: 

TikTok Screenshot - Christmas Party     TikTok Screenshot - Christmas Party Funny     TikTok Screenshot - Recreating Elf

So after releasing this content into the digital ether, the question is, how did it do? Did our TikToks rock?

We garnered:

  • 28 new TikTok followers

  • 11 profile views

  • 535 video views 

  • 1 comment (thanks Stephanie Mazza!) 

Did it drive any traffic back to our website? Nope. Did we provide any links back to our website in our TikTok description or posts? Also, nope. So we’re counting it as a win. 

What did we learn:

  1. We understood the assignment.
    When implementing any social media channel into your marketing strategy, first you actually need to use it. So we put Bella Albright in charge of our account. Is it because she’s Gen-Y and is super on-trend (check her center part and that expertly curated gallery wall)? Heck yeah, that definitely helped. But the actual strategic reason we put her in charge is because she is an active TikTok user, and we trusted her to make content that wasn’t cheugy or cringey.

  2. Sometimes Good Soup is better as leftovers.
    While our content did modestly well on TikTok, it crushed on Instagram Reels. We reposted those three TikTok videos, plus a bonus video that didn’t make the TikTok cut (watch me embarrass myself in tights here. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed). They were viewed 12,615 times and gave our Instagram the largest reach of any month this year. While most of our reels received just a couple hundred views, this Tiktok inspired reel, using a then-trending audio track, received 11,300 views!  Check out that spike.
    Estipona Group Instagram Analytics screenshot

  3. Tell me you do marketing without telling me you do marketing.
    As a team, we’ve decided TIkTok isn’t a sales channel for Estipona Group, it’s a creative outlet and a way to poke fun at ourselves. Ideally, this TikTok foray helps inform our client work. In the worst case, we looked cringey at our holiday party.

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