23 Ways We Let Our Volunteer Flags Fly

23 Ways We Let Our Volunteer Flags Fly
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As some of you may recall, the Estipona Group launched a campaign at the beginning of this year we dubbed #23Years23Deeds. For those who have not been hanging on our every word and social media post (whatev, slackers — though we still totally ♥ you!), we thought it might be time to create a handy-dandy recap of our efforts to date.
To provide a little context: The Estipona Group has been in the marketing and communication business in Reno for a whopping 23 years. So to commemorate our longevity, we wanted to thank the Biggest (and best) Little City that helped us get here and also give something back to the community we love. The big idea: How about performing a good deed for every year we’ve had our doors open?

And here we are now, a little over halfway through the year, with some pretty darn good deeds under our collective belt. Check ’em out for yourself:

  1. Media and advertising

    Diaper Duty Hero Ken Santor from Toys for Tots and volunteer Jeff Russell in front of a huge donation of diapers for WACCS.

    We held an award-winning, community-wide diaper drive to benefit the Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra, collecting 10,000 diapers in just two weeks.

  2. We served a hearty pasta dinner for families who were living at the Ronald McDonald House while their loved ones received medical care.
  3. We made pie for the residents of Brookdale and Park Place Assisted Living to help them celebrate Pi Day; we also encouraged fans of our social media pages to “Pie it Forward” and bake/buy pies for neighbors, family, friends, gerbils (not really) and anyone else. This resulted in some fun surprise treats we called “Random Acts of Pie-ness.” Only a few people were seriously creeped out by their random pies, while most reported at least a 345 percent increase in happiness for the day.
  4. We collected and donated clothes and household goods to the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission.
  5. For National Puppy Day, we volunteered at the Nevada Humane Society, making puppy popsicles and giving good doggies and kitties treats (fine, we gave them to the bad ones, too — but accompanied by a firm talking-to).
  6. We introduced high school students to the world of media and advertising. Some might argue the “good” part of this deed, but we promise we only introduced them to the best parts of the industry.
  7. We designed and programmed a new website, SpokerRideReno.com for JDRF’s fundraising event that raises money for diabetes research.
  8. We rode, sweat, and even shed a little blood in support of JDRF’s Spoker Ride.
  9. We designed fun, fresh t-shirts for the volunteers at the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living who are helping those with disabilities live independently.
  10. We gathered an entire barrel full of food from our team and donated to St. Vincent’s Food Pantry.
  11. We volunteered our time to help support the Young African Leadership Initiative.
  12. We designed the Cultural Alliance Nevada website.
  13. We gave the (massive) Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living‘s (massive) conference room a fresh coat of paint. Did we mention it was massive?
    Marketing and communication

    We cook, we clean, we give! This time at the Veteran’s Guest House.

  14. We made/served yet another hearty pasta dinner (pre-order your copies of the Estipona Group Cookbook, coming soon), this time for Veterans and their family members staying at the Veteran’s Guest House while they receive medical care in the area.
  15. We collected back to school materials for Project 150 to help homeless, displaced and disadvantaged students stay in school and graduate.
  16. We threw a birthday party with Volunteers of America for homeless families in our community.
  17. We’re donating blankets and sleeping bags to RISE and Our Center.
  18. We are designing a logo and new website for My Journey Home.
  19. We donated pajamas to the Sweet Dreams Foundation to improve the quality of life for children with life threatening illnesses.
  20. We are donating coats and sweaters to Homeless Veterans Outreach Program through the Walton’s Coat Drive.
  21. We promoted Carmel of Reno’s 38th annual Christmas open house.
  22. We made a logo for the Nevada Cancer Coalition.
  23. We donated socks for teens in foster care to the Children’s Cabinet the week before Christmas.

Exhausted yet? Not us! We’re totally stoked to have the opportunity to give back. We’ve been fortunate to work for great clients, doing great work that’s also a lot of fun to do. Our gratitude cannot be measured, but we try by supporting people who need it.

2017 will mark our 24th year in business and we’d like your ideas! Submit your recommendation.

Though we may already have a few ideas. Oh yes, we have ideas.

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