Virtual Care Campaign

Getting patients to try virtual health care

The challenge

One of the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic was that virtual healthcare has an important role to play in American society, particularly among marginalized groups. As the largest provider of primary care for the uninsured, underinsured, and geographically isolated people in the state of Nevada, Nevada Health Centers (NVHC) was particularly well-positioned to grow their virtual care services with the populations they serve. They tapped Estipona Group to build awareness of this still relatively novel approach to health care with their current patient base and motivate trial.

What we did:

Throughout the year-long campaign, we directed users to a dedicated virtual care landing page where they could request an appointment with a click or a call. On Meta, we targeted all 17 Nevada counties where NVHC virtual services are available. For Google Paid Search, we targeted the low-income Nevadans who make up the majority of the NVHC patient base.


All results reflect a one-year period:

  • 1,570,166 impressions across platforms
  • 3,056 virtual care appointment clicks from landing page
  • 939% increase in virtual care page views
  • 136% increase in phone calls made from website

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