What Has Quarantine Given You?

What Has Quarantine Given You?

We know, we know — you expect the sarcastic, slightly scoff-y response from us to the question in the headline. But I was immediately shot down by my positivity-focused colleagues when I initially offered my response: anxiety, sleeplessness, germophobia, fear of people. 

Because guess what? We (well, they) are being totally serious by asking this question. It turns out Paige listens to a podcast that ends with this question, and we decided to pose it to ourselves during a recent team meeting. Focusing on the positive. (It was helpful for me to learn this important distinction.) 

The bottom line is that quarantine has affected us all totally differently. Some of us have elderly and immune-compromised parents in our germ bubbles; some of us have children or pets; others are incubating tiny humans. (Ok, fine - just one of us). But the common thread for all of us: We have all benefited in small but perceptible ways by the change of focus over recent months. Our priorities have sometimes shifted, we find ourselves celebrating tiny things, and our perspective has tightened in on things that truly matter. 

Personally: I grew a snap pea with my own hands! (Told you we were celebrating tiny things). I also need to acknowledge how amazing it has been to be truly present with my three kids — who range in age from 20 to 7. We have cooked together, baked and played copious games of Uno and Spite & Malice. My middle child leaves for college in a few weeks and my eldest is moving into his first house at the same time, so I couldn't be more grateful for this gift of time. Though I would have appreciated it more without the heaping helping of a global pandemic. "Less pandemic, more peas!" is my new life motto. 

Anyhow, here's what quarantine has given the rest of the Estipona Group team: 

Chelsey (aka aforementioned incubator of tiny human): Quarantine gave me the opportunity for my husband to be home every day during my first pregnancy. He’s been home for every kick, every craving and every special moment. It’s been so amazing to have him home during this time, and while quarantine and COVID comes with its own set of challenges, we are so grateful for this time together, and the time we will get to spend with our new addition come October. 

Paige: While quarantine took away travel to bike and work events and gathering with friends, it has given me more time at home. More time at home has meant more nice meals for my family, tending to my garden (second- and third-wave planting!) and various home projects including painting and laying a flagstone path.  

Nicole: Quarantine gave me the opportunity to get acquainted with my road bike. I didn’t use it a lot pre-COVID — I would maybe ride a few miles here and there. Now, I take it out for long bike rides and actually use it for exercise in addition to commuting.

Jackie: My new husband used to travel for business three to four days every week, but that stopped in March with the shutdown. So now we get to spend our newlywed time being together in the same place. That means we can now dance during the week. Every day! 

Edward: I was always the type that would get itchy to get back to work in the middle of my vacation. I think what quarantine has given me is a better perspective to enjoy my vacation and appreciate it — because when it’s taken away from you, it really sucks. So once COVID is done doing its thing, I’m going to take a real vacation and forget about work until I come back.

Dani: Quarantine has given me even more dog snuggles (who can be mad about that!?) and time to work on a really robust garden this year. Yes, I am that stereotypical quarantine person who got after a victory garden and started baking bread. But it has been so rewarding to watch all my veggies grow from little tiny seeds into big flourishing plants. 

What has quarantine given you? Share with us on our Facebook thread. We'd love to see! 

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