Stautzenberger College and Media Institutes Select Estipona Group as Agency of Record

Stautzenberger College and Media Institutes Select Estipona Group as Agency of Record
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Reno, Nev. (January 19, 2016) – American Higher Education Development Corporation (AHED) has chosen the Estipona Group as its creative agency for Stautzenberger College, which has been serving Ohio since 1927, as well as the Madison and Minneapolis Media Institutes.

“We have been very pleased with the Estipona Group’s work with our American Higher Education College (AHEC) and Rockford Career College campuses,” said AHED Chief Operations/Compliance Officer Jeffrey Bodimer. “So it was an easy decision to expand our relationship to include the Stautzenberger and Media Institute campuses as well.”

Estipona Group team members are partnering with AHED’s leadership team to implement a variety of strategic communications methods — including traditional and online advertising, public relations, social media and grassroots tools — to share AHED’s mission of preparing students for in-demand careers by staying on top of job trends and developing programs to support those trends.

“The world is changing fast these days and we love working with clients who are helping prepare people to thrive in the career of their choice,” said Edward Estipona, president of the Estipona Group. “We have very much enjoyed working with the AHED team and look forward to expanding that relationship to Stautzenberger and the Media Institutes.”

The Estipona Group is a Reno-based communication agency specializing in advertising, public relations, social media and all facets of audience engagement. The firm’s 22-year history includes seven years as a forward-thinking and client-friendly virtual agency, with all employees working from home offices and collective workspaces. You can follow the Estipona Group at or


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