Mikalee Byerman Joins Estipona Group as Director of Audience Engagement

Mikalee Byerman Joins Estipona Group as Director of Audience Engagement
Paige Lampert
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Mikalee Byerman

Mikalee Byerman has been retained by the Estipona Group as its Director of Audience Engagement. In the new position for the communications agency, Byerman is responsible for identifying and creating engagement opportunities for clients and their audiences, primarily through written digital channels using social media.

“The challenge in communications today is that you need to create compelling content for different kinds of consumption,” said Edward Estipona, agency president. “It needs to be universally engaging content, but a Facebook post, a blog, a tweet and web copy all need to look and feel different to the consumer. So Mikalee’s job is to find the best medium for the message and craft it accordingly.”

Byerman brings more than two decades of communications experience to the position. She is a prolific writer/editor and has most recently been a full-time freelance professional. Her bylines have appeared in national publications like Ladies’ Home Journal, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Southwest Spirit Magazine and the national Homes & Land publication.

“Mikalee is an incredibly talented writer, and she exudes a creative energy that I know will inspire our clients and translate to their audiences,” Estipona said. “She also has a diverse background in marketing, public relations, advertising and project management, so we know she can put these well-honed skills to good use with our clients.”

A proud graduate of the Reynolds School of Journalism, Mikalee holds a master’s degree in journalism and is an accomplished former managing editor of a Gannett-owned Custom Publishing Group and three award-winning magazines — including the lifestyle publication RENO Magazine. She also is a part-time humor blogger, another outlet for her writing skill that has resulted in a link to her blog from TIME Magazine and brought Diet Coke her way for participation in a guerilla marketing campaign that went viral.

“We needed someone for this position who knew about modern communication vehicles,” Estipona said. “Her own unique voice in social media, combined with her extensive communications background, made her the ideal candidate to help bring our agency to a new level with new offerings for our clients.”

For more than 20 years, the Estipona Group Advertising and Public Relations team has been providing marketing communications that arrest, engage and deliver results to clients throughout northern Nevada, California, Washington, Alaska and the western United States. For more information, visit www.estiponagroup.com.

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