Meet Nicole Duxbury, Social Media Specialist

Meet Nicole Duxbury, Social Media Specialist
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Q: What food makes you gag, and why?

A: I’m a pretty picky eater, but my top three no-no’s are: eggs, mushrooms, eggplant (insert eggplant emoji joke here).

Q: As part of your job for EG, you do social media reporting and analytics. A few questions semi-related to that: a.) What's your favorite aspect of this work?; and b.) Do you remember the first report you ever wrote for school? What was the topic? Do you still have a copy? If so, may we see it and judge you for it?

A: My favorite part about analytics and reporting is obviously seeing positive results and page growth. But even when the results aren’t fantastic, I like that analytics give us a clear idea of how to move forward. I like having numbers to back up a decision. I don’t remember my first report ever, but a specific favorite that comes to mind was a research paper on the life and work of Steven Hawking. My elementary school self wanted to be an astrophysicist (who knew?!). As a third grader, my report wasn’t very data-driven, but was incredibly interesting to me nonetheless.

Q: Is there anything that has surprised you about working with the Estipona Group team?

A: So far, what surprised me about working with the Estipona Group is how close everyone is despite working remotely. Everyone is genuinely interested in everyone else’s lives outside of work, which is great because we could all easily be hermits.

Q: Tell us a little-known fact about Dux (that our BAJILLIONS of newsletter subscribers will now know, thus making it a widely known fact. So, choose wisely).

A: Well, besides wanting to be an astrophysicist and my very controversial stance on eggs, a little-known fact about me is that I’m terrified of catfish and crane flies (Editor’s note: We’re linking to the Wikipedia page so you know she is not, in fact, afraid of cranes and flies). They freak me out!

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