Meet Elise Leben, Social Media Intern

Meet Elise Leben, Social Media Intern
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Elise Leben is Estipona Group’s newest hire, spending her summer with us as a social/PR intern. Here’s a little insight into what makes Elise tick. (And why she’ll likely burst into tears if you offer her a sour Skittle. Seriously. Don’t do it.)

Q: You previously worked as an intern for EDAWN; what would you say was your greatest takeaway from that job?

A: I believe my greatest takeaway from EDAWN was the exposure to the Reno community and all the talent we have here. I got to sit in on meetings with local start-ups, attend community luncheons, as well as work on internal projects that benefit the Northern Nevada economy, all while meeting amazing people!

Q: Hedgehogs, chipmunks or hairless cats? Why?

A: Chipmunks! They are cute versions of squirrels. I fear hairless cats (for obvious reasons).

Q: If you could redo any one year from your elementary school days, which one would it be, and why?

A: I went to a Catholic school growing up, so we would have to attend church every Friday. It was against the rules to eat during mass, and one time I snuck sour Skittles in. I ended up choking on them in the middle of the service and had to have the Heimlich done in front of hundreds of people.

So yeah, I would redo 5th grade.

Q: Why did you choose to intern at the Estipona Group?

A: I recently graduated from the University of Nevada with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications. I wanted to expand my knowledge of the field by interning at a well-known PR firm. Plus, I heard everyone was totally awesome. :)

(Editor’s note: We did NOT pay her to say that last thing. Nor did we threaten her with sour Skittles. Promise.)

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