Meet Digital Media Coordinator Dani Rawson

Meet Digital Media Coordinator Dani Rawson
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She has a well-rounded education practically designed for agency success, a fixation on documenting media consumption and glorious skin. Meet Dani, our new Digital Media Coordinator.

How did your J-School education prepare you for life at the Estipona Group? (PS Alternatively, what do you wish you would have learned at Nevada’s J-School to adequately prepare you for life at the Estipona Group?) (PPS Feel free to answer one or both)

I would say that it was my college experience as a whole that prepared me for my life at the Estipona Group. My time was pretty evenly split between the J-school and the art department, so between that and my roles in campus organizations, all of it has guided me in how I roll today.

So according to your bio and everyone lucky enough to bask in your presence, you have uncharacteristically dewy and glowy and obnoxiously flawless skin. Explain.

“Girl, wash your face.” – Rachel Hollis
That is *one* of the secrets, my friends. Find a cleanser that works for you. Follow it with a toner. Seal the deal with a vitamin C or E serum. And drink (I cannot stress this enough) ALL THE WATER! Do this every night before you sleep, and your skin will thank you. 

Pro tip: Watch like 35 hours of makeup tutorials on YouTube and fake it until you make it. (This is the real reason why my skin looks #flawless.)

We understand you have a comprehensive list of all TV shows and movies you’ve ever watched. Real or urban legend? If real, why? If urban legend, how did this rumor start?

Fact. Well it’s actually movies, books and concerts, but adding a section for TV shows isn’t a bad idea! Basically, a year and a half ago I was getting all sentimental going through some of my old things from high school, and I found a book my art teacher had us make. A page in the book was supposed to detail a list of every movie we’d ever seen, and mine was sad and unfinished. So, this started a journey of creating a list of every movie I’d ever seen. It’s categorized by genre, and there are currently 494 films on my list. 
P.S. I challenge you to make a list of your own.

Tell us a little about the three skills you’d say you use most often while on the job. 

  1. Not that this is a skill, but being the youngest Estipony, I offer a different take on a lot of the work we do. 
  2. My ability to multi-task is key. I wear a lot of hats here at the Estipona Group, so being able to maneuver through my tasks efficiently is important. 
  3. Sometimes I’m funny. My random spurts of pure comedic genius are sometimes just enough to clear our heads in a brainstorm, get us moving in another direction or signal that we may need to take a break and come back with a fresh POV.  

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