For the Love of Art: Spotlighting the Sparks Art Walk

For the Love of Art: Spotlighting the Sparks Art Walk
Paige Lampert
Agency Work

Sparks were flying last year when we teamed up with a client on a mission to connect people with cultural opportunities while they are just hanging out on street corners. (And by hanging out we mean standing regally and elegantly with purpose.)

Home to a wealth of arts and culture, the City of Sparks needed help putting the spotlight on an exciting new program. Enter the Sparks Art Walk, where anyone can take a downtown stroll and explore a curated collection of public art. People can opt for a virtual, self-guided walking tour by downloading a handy map on their mobile device, then scanning the QR codes on each piece to learn more from the artists. For those who prefer to keep their art and technology separate, there’s also the option for a guided tour with a docent every third Thursday.

Free art!? Close to home! A cool way to explore it!? We were so in.

Marketing this unique experience allowed the Estipona Group (EG) team to do what we do best: problem solve at the intersection of strategy and creativity, all in the name of the greater good.

It only takes a spark

EG started working with the City of Sparks in September 2020, tasked with promoting the Sparks Art Walk on a broad scale. To get things started, our creative team developed a brand logo and a map/promotional poster to help folks hit the streets and see the local sights. Working with the featured artists, we created an audio tour that uses QR code scans at each installation linked to audio clips of the artists discussing their work. To house all the who/what/where/how of the Sparks Art Walk, we built an easily navigable website. Our PR team helped coordinate a kickoff event and pop-up in July to get the word out.

What started as an idea to bring more public art to the streets of downtown Sparks ignited into a full-fledged community treasure. The Sparks Art Walk enhances the local environment, currently featuring five sculptures and one mural. It will showcase art for years to come, and people can look forward to new artists and exhibits being brought in every other year.

The Sparks Art Walk is more than just an effort to get some exposure for some rad public art. It serves another purpose for residents and visitors: to find delight in the unexpected. And after the last couple years, our collective delight reservoirs could use a topping off.

Helping clients reach their audiences and showcase their purpose-driven work is where we truly sparkle and shine as a team. Also, we are BIG fans of public art and creative expression in general, so this project was not only fun, but gratifying. Need a team to bring some passion and exposure to your organization, services or event? Give us a jingle.

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