LBD of Direct Mail Gets a Style Infusion

LBD of Direct Mail Gets a Style Infusion
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Which one of these things is NOT like the others?

a.) A little black dress
b.) Feathered bangs held in place by an entire can of AquaNet
c.) A well-tailored navy blazer
d.) Mail

You said “Mail,” right? Gotcha! Because sure, those other items loosely have something to do with fashion — but come on, feathered hair? Definitely not something we’d call “classic.” 

The rest — an LBD, navy blazer and mail — these are all standards. And they’re here to stay.

But that doesn’t mean the classics don’t need a style infusion every once in a while.

We at the Estipona Group were charged with just that — a style infusion for an established brand leading the way in the Northern Nevada mail scene. And while your thoughts of mail may not immediately bring to mind leading-edge technology, it turns out Nevada Presort actually makes ABUNDANT use of technology in order to stay ahead of the curve.

The company has a reputation as a tried-and-true resource for mail services — it’s the little black dress of the mail/presort industry. But while it had a classic reputation in spades, it lacked an updated brand and marketing tools.

New ownership and a move to a new location on Hymer in Sparks inspired a refocused effort to build the business to its full potential by improving awareness and growing the customer base.

The first steps: a refreshed logo, an announcement and a brand-spankin’ new website.


We say “mail,” and you think “pony,” right? We live in the West, so the lore of the Pony Express is still a narrative that resonates. The new ownership of Nevada Presort was committed to keeping the symbol, but they wanted a fresh execution.

Estipona Group’s crack team of artists developed a new brand identity for Nevada Presort, modernizing their logo while paying homage to their long history in the community. Fresh colors, a graphic with movement and clean lines make this logo pop as fresh and a little fun, while still tipping its hat to a sense of reverence for the past.

We were also tasked with creating an announcement about the business’ relocation. And while many different means of communication with existing clients were considered, we decided to stick with the classic: traditional mail. Because duh.


The new Nevada Presort website is an ode to answering questions — some that potential clients don’t even know they should ask, like who in the Sam Hill would benefit from a presort mail service?

The site also prominently features an interactive quote request form, making it easier for potential clients to get answers to their burning mail questions. And because the mail industry as a whole is not necessarily considered the most cutting edge, we also decided to showcase high-tech equipment through photography and video. Turns out, there’s quite a bit of techie stuff happening there!

The new site is clean, versatile and functional — exactly like your favorite from-fitting blazer. But also totally different from that blazer, because this site is not contoured to your shoulders and is all about mail and not clothes.

So yeah, the same — but totally different.

How about you? Are you the LBD of your industry? Could you use a subtle (or substantial) style infusion? Go ahead, shoot us a message here!

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