Immunize Nevada Selects Estipona Group to Spread inFLUence Nevada Message Statewide

Immunize Nevada Selects Estipona Group to Spread inFLUence Nevada Message Statewide
Paige Lampert
Agency News

Immunize Nevada has chosen the Estipona Group as agency of record for the 2014-2015 InFLUence Nevada campaign. As such, the Estipona Group will work with the Immunize Nevada team and its partners to spread the word about the importance and availability of flu vaccinations, using a variety of strategic communications methods, including public relations, social media and grassroots tools.

“The flu sickens between 5 and 20 percent of the U.S. population every year, and it’s estimated that more than 200,000 people are hospitalized for flu-related illness,” said Edward Estipona, president of the agency. “And yet people underestimate its seriousness. So we’re very happy to have been chosen to help get the message out throughout the state about the importance of flu vaccinations.”

Many health plans and healthcare providers, including the local health districts and local pharmacies, soon will have flu vaccine available. More information, including the “Flu Vaccine Finder” is available at

“The Estipona Group has the experience and statewide contacts to help bring influenza awareness to Nevada’s diverse and unique communities,” said Heidi Parker, executive director of Immunize Nevada. “We are very excited by their energy and creativity in addressing this annual public health issue and look forward to connecting Nevada’s citizens with important flu information and resources.”

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