Holiday Classics - Estipona Style

Holiday Classics - Estipona Style
Paige Lampert
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Nothing ushers in the holiday season quite like a classic holiday movie. So, to share that joy-of-the-season with all of you, we reimagined some of our favorite holiday movies with our very own merry band of Estiponies. We hope this brings you a smile, and maybe a chuckle (men in tights!). Happy Holidays!

(So how'd we do? Original posters at bottom of page.)

Estipona Group Christmas Card - Edward as Elf

If you were wondering if Edward discoverd his inner elf, rest assured he did — back in 2016. Now, does someone need a hug?

Estipona Group Christmas Card - Nicole, Chelsey and Zach Home Alone

For a virtual agency, these account folks spend a lot of time together, and occasionally they get up to some real shenanigans.

Estipona Group Christmas Card - Dianne and Camie

The real miracle is what amazing teammates these social media gurus are. Dianne and Camie, we believe!

Estipona Group Christ Card - White Christmas featuring Bella, Sarah, Stephanie and Paige

Will they save the inn? Can they carry a tune? When these creatives work together, nothing is impossible —so it's probably, maybe possible.

Estipona Group Christmas Card - How the Grinch Stole Christmas Featuring Kyle and Wren the Dog

When he put on those green tights, Kyle's heart grew three sizes. Featuring a cameo by Wren, the bestest dog.

Original Movie Posters

Elf Poster
Home alone movie poster
Miracle on 34th Street movie poster
White Christmas Movie Poster
Grinch Movie Poster

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