Estipona Group Designs Website for Thermo-Stone USA

Estipona Group Designs Website for Thermo-Stone USA
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Thermo-Stone USA recently launched a newly redesigned website, created by Estipona Group with photography from Insight Studio.

Thermo-Stone, a local Reno manufacturer known for its thin-film heating technology used in markets ranging from medical to aerospace to household appliance, had a goal to showcase Thermo-Stone products and process in a visually-appealing, modern way. The website also had to provide information to engineers on Thermo-Stone capabilities.

“We’re very excited about our new website,” said Thermo-Stone president and CEO, Kerry Goodsel.

“We’ve captured our component manufacturing in an attractive, easy to understand way, which is no small feat.”

“The quality of Thermo-Stone’s technology is definitely at the top of their niche in the market,” said Nicole Rose Dion, client services manager for Estipona Group. “They moved their manufacturing to Reno in 2012 and have been growing ever since. They needed a website that matched their cutting-edge technology in sophistication and design.”

Learn more about Thermo-Stone and see the newly redesigned website at

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