The Estipona Group asks Reno-Sparks to do Diaper Duty

The Estipona Group asks Reno-Sparks to do Diaper Duty
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It’s hard to imagine that many babies and toddlers in our own community are forced to go without new, clean diapers; but that alarming reality is inspiring one local communications firm, the Estipona Group, to take action.

Estipona Group is once again asking the Reno-Sparks community to come together to donate diapers to benefit Women and Children’s Center of the Sierra (WACCS) in its second annual community-wide diaper drive campaign they are calling (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) “Diaper Duty #2.”

“We’re having fun with the name, but this campaign is completely serious to us,” said Edward Estipona, owner and president. “To think about parents being forced to reuse old diapers or use something like a plastic grocery bag as a stop-gap measure breaks our hearts. Every diaper we collect will be put to good use by a local family that needs it.”

WACCS provides diapers to women who may not be able to afford them in exchange for participating in WACCS’ educational programming. Several locations around Reno-Sparks will accept donations of full or partial packages of diapers between Feb. 14 to Feb. 28. All sized diapers are accepted, but sizes 4, 5, and 6, are in the highest demand.

The following locations are currently accepting diaper donations:

  • Culture Modern Fashion and Accessories, 677 S. Virginia Street
  • Downtown Vision, 235 W. Sixth Street, Suite 100
  • Home NV Real Estate and I Love Reno Magazine, 321 S. Arlington
  • Immunize Nevada, 427 Ridge Street, Suite C
  • Not Just Furniture, 500 East Moana Lane Suite A (any donation made at the store will get you 20% off your next purchase of $50 or more. See store for more details. Bring diapers!)
  • Propsect Education, 750 Sandhill Rd., Suite 100
  • Rounds Bakery, 294 E Moana Ln #10
  • Sippee’s New & Used Kids Clothes, 955 S. Virginia Street
  • The Discovery – Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, 490 S Center St

More drop-off locations will be announced as time goes on. For the most accurate information, please visit the event page on Facebook.

WACCS is a non-profit organization that provides education, job training, resources, and support to help women escape or avoid poverty and provide a better life for their families. One of the services offered by WACCS is a diaper bank. Women who are actively participating in its educational programs are eligible to receive diapers for free.

Clean diapers are obviously a necessity, but they can be expensive. “Children without access to clean diapers can develop severe and painful diaper rash, and some children have even developed kidney problems,” explained Pam Russell, WACCS executive director. “Not having clean diapers can also affect the mental health of both the mother and the child, and it can interfere with bonding.” The increase in stress and added financial burdens can decrease a woman’s progress toward escaping poverty.

The Estipona Group team has been providing marketing communications that capture attention, engage audiences and deliver results to clients throughout Nevada, California, Washington, Alaska, Michigan and throughout the United States for 23 years. To give back to the community that has given them so much, the agency’s employees have pledged to do a community good deed for each of the 24 years they’ve been in business. The Diaper Duty is part of this year’s #24Years24Deeds campaign.

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