EG Rewind: Fun with Ed and Jane

EG Rewind: Fun with Ed and Jane
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As we celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, we felt it was fundamentally important to cast a well-deserved spotlight on many of the people who helped get us here. So we decided to document this process through a video series we’re calling “EG Rewind.”

(Here’s a virtual hat tip to MTV Rewind for the naming inspo.)

And we can think of no better person to kick this process off than Jane Tors. While her official title is Director of Research Communications for the University of Nevada, Reno, we’d like to offer this other, albeit unofficial title for consideration: EG BFF.

Jane has been a client (during tenure at a few of her employers), and she is also a former Estipona Group employee, serving as Public Relations Director in the way-early 2000s. So it’s fitting for Edward to sit down and reminisce with her about their history, their shared love of Edwardisms and their thoughts on ‘90s fashion.

Check it out — as if we needed any further proof that Jane is one of the classiest, most eloquent communications pros in the business. Fashion taste notwithstanding.

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