Up Close and Personal with Lucas Pakele

Up Close and Personal with Lucas Pakele
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He’s our PR/social media coordinator; he’s comfortable as a mentee and as a mentor. And he loves Star Wars.

In other words, he’s practically perfect. Here’s what Lucas had to say in response to these questions we lobbed his way:

Q. What’s your favorite thing about working for the Estipona Group?
A. My favorite part is the personalities I get to interact with on a daily basis. I feel like everyone on the team is my mentor, yet sometimes it goes both ways — I’m able to mentor my leaders on new trends, tactics and goals.

Q. Gone with the Wind, Star Wars, or The Exorcist? Why?
A. Star Wars all the way. If there are gratuitous space battles and clever nerds slinging quips at each other, then it is time well spent in my view.

Q. (Editor’s follow-up:) Who is your Star Wars spirit animal and why? (Say “Jar Jar Binks,” and you’re fired. Just a heads up.)
A. Lucas: HAHA
Umm, my Star Wars spirit animal is a Veractyl. It’s a work horse that looks pretty while doing it.

Editor’s note: Lucas chose a very appropriate spirit animal, because he’s always on fleek while working. And speaking of “on fleek”…

Q. As a representative of the Millennial generation, we assume you’re sick of all the stereotypes. Which one chaps your hide most? (You can answer as soon as you’re done taking that selfie. No hurry. We’ll wait.)
A. The idea that we’re entitled because we believe in a better world and are willing to push back and make it known. It’s not entitled to envision a better way. It’s only entitled to expect everyone else to do it your way for no other reason than your seniority…now that’s entitlement.

To learn more about Lucas, read this!

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