#23Years23Deeds: Easy as Pi(e)

#23Years23Deeds: Easy as Pi(e)
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You’ve heard of “Random Acts of Kindness,” right?

Sure you have. We’re even guessing you’ve committed one. Maybe even two or 75.

And we’re guessing you’ve also heard of pie. Just a shot in the dark there.

Anyhow, we at the Estipona Group decided it was time for a mash-up of epic proportions for this year’s “Pi” Day on 3.14.16: What if “Random Acts of Kindness” met “Pie”?

Because Pi and Pie? Homophones. (We <3 wordplay!)

Thus was born our #23Years23Deeds event: “Random Acts of Pie-ness.”

It’s like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups of good deeds. (And seriously, click that link if you want to experience a total blast-from-the-past, classic commercial.)

Anyhow, we asked; you delivered. Our goal was for you to buy or bake a pie and deliver it to a deserving person. We even made this shamelessly creepy video promoting the event (with its “this is how NOT to deliver a pie, because it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end” kinda vibe).

You watched. You baked (or bought). You gave.

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We heard tale of pies delivered to senior centers. Pies delivered to friends. Pies delivered to unsuspecting, possibly Facebooking co-workers.

Many pies were made, bought and/or consumed on Pi(e) Day. And while some of them may have been made, bought and/or consumed without specific homage to our Random Acts of Pie-ness directive, we’re just glad you did it.

So we at the Estipona Group have a simple message to send: Thank you.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for participating. Thank you for not chasing after people enjoying a nice Midtown jog with a mincemeat pie in hand.

And next year? We’re sure there’ll be yet another chance to “Pie it forward.”

See? Wordplay. It makes us giddy.

Click here for more details about #23Years23Deeds. Go ahead. We double dog dare you.

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