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Paige Galeoto

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VP of Creative

Paige got her start in advertising on the mean streets of Boston (well to be exact, it was in the chichi brownstones of Newbury Street). Fleeing East Coast winters, she worked as a freelance copywriter in San Diego before landing in Reno in 1994. For the past quarter century, the Biggest Little City has been steadily and spiritedly growing on her and she is now fully enamored of this slice of recreational nirvana she calls home.


Paige joined the Estipona Group in 2004 after serving as senior writer and co-creative director for TBC Advertising, Reno where she worked predominantly on gaming and tourism accounts. As Vice President of Creative at Estipona Group, Paige oversees the agency’s creative projects and manages the creative team.


While a VP in title, Paige thinks of herself as more of an idea catalyst, inspiring creative thinking in her team. And to be clear, she considers all Estiponies members of her team, regardless of their role with the agency, so she devotes every day to providing a structure for turning all team contributions and ideas into functioning marketing tactics.


Driven by strategy, Paige believes the most effective work results from an intimate understanding of her clients and their business. That means going deep, asking a lot of questions and basically getting up in their business to develop the best communication solutions. Fair warning, you’ll likely hear her say something to this effect: “Tell me your business goals and let me figure out how to use communications to achieve them. Please and thank you.”  


Paige’s extensive brand marketing experience includes national, regional and local clients. In recent years, she has developed innovative and effective campaigns for government agencies (using cheeky cartoons, no less), the for-profit college sector (framing career training programs as retro video games), consumer eyecare services (making glasses sexy) and healthcare (using silly monster bugs to encourage vaccination).


Paige graduated cum laude from Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, with a thoroughly liberal arts education, a BA in English and a love of fresh clams and public art. She is quite content in her adopted home town of Reno, where the art and food scenes just keep getting better, epic snowboarding is 35 minutes away and they keep building new mountain bike trails out her back door. You’ll often find this self-described “vocal soccer mom” on the bleachers with her husband of 21 years, cheering on their talented multi-sport son.


Paige is a proud member of the 11% of female advertising creative directors in the U.S. and one of the longest-serving female creative directors in Northern Nevada (hired the month before her 15 year-old son was born — yes, as in she was 8 months pregnant when she first gloriously sauntered through the doors of Estipona Group).

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