Charter College Pandora Radio Campaign

Name that tune, and that school

The challenge

No one wants to hear ads on a streaming music platform, so we got sneaky. We created a series of commercials that sounded like popular tunes with the goal of capturing the listeners attention just long enough to convey a few key selling points.

Audio file

Charter College — Dental Assisting

Undeniably not the Plain White T's, but reminiscent of "Hey There Delilah."

Audio file

Charter College — Hospitality

Did you want to sing along to Lady Gaga just now? This spoof of "Born This Way" is a catchy.

Audio file

Charter College — Pharmacy

Enjoy this country riff on Garth Brooks' "Friends in Low Places."

Audio file

Charter College — Medical Assistant

Could it be the Beastie Boys? In fact no, just a little parody about Charter College.

Audio file

Charter College — Criminal Justice

This radio spot is the boss, but not in fact Bruce Springsteen, just an ode to him.

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