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Public Health Marketing Experts

In public health, your marketing communications can save lives, prevent disease or alleviate suffering, so we take particular pride in the work we do with our public health partners. We have worked with some of our partners for many years — through budget cycles, board changes, public opinion shifts, and now, a pandemic.

We help build brands and educate provider and patient communities about disease prevention, healthcare access and resources. Using the full spectrum of traditional and digital media platforms, we design and execute communication strategies that move the needle (yes, pun intended!) for our public health clients.

"From flu season to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no marketing team we’d rather have by our side."  

"As a public health non-profit, we always have a long list of things to accomplish and an ever-changing budget. Estipona Group has always worked with us to figure out how to best use our dollars to communicate with Nevadans most effectively about the things that affect their health. From flu season to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no marketing team we’d rather have by our side. " 
—Heidi Parker, Former Executive Director, Immunize Nevada

A healthcare marketing agency with experience where it counts

Estipona Group has helped public health agencies and organizations do just about everything related to marketing and communications. Recent projects include renaming a 35-year-old public health entity, urging Nevadans to do at-home colorectal screening and convincing a skeptical public to trust a novel vaccine. Whether we are executing an integrated campaign or doing a project, we use a data-informed approach to deliver the best results.

The value of HIPAA-compliant healthcare marketing services

In our increasingly digitized world, protecting patient data is a profound need for any medical organization. Having earned the seal of HIPAA compliance, Estipona Group can ensure that data used for any digital marketing communications is protected. Learn more about our HIPAA-compliant marketing.

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