Heathcare Marketing Agency

A healthcare marketing agency that can improve the health of your business

There was a time when healthcare providers and organizations didn't need to market themselves. That time has passed. Today's health marketplace is crowded with hospitals, clinics and specialists competing locally, regionally and sometimes globally for patients and providers. The healthcare customer has more choices than ever, including internet providers offering no wait times and 24/7 access. So how does a medical practice recruit loyal patients and top providers in this environment? With expert help from a leading healthcare marketing agency like Estipona Group.

30 years developing healthcare brands

For three decades, Estipona Group has partnered with healthcare brands to provide marketing guidance and support. From specialty practices to hospital systems, naming to recruitment campaigns, we provide comprehensive healthcare marketing services that deliver results. We also have extensive experience in the public health sector, including work on numerous public health awareness campaigns. See our public health work.

Prescribing the right healthcare marketing services

A well-designed healthcare marketing strategy reaches the target audience from multiple directions. Estipona Group's data-informed approach helps our healthcare clients reach specific patient groups with targeted content that inspires action. Our healthcare marketing services include:

  • Healthcare branding
  • HIPAA-compliant digital marketing
  • Online reputation management
  • Traditional media campaigns
  • Website development
  • Social media management and campaign
  • Healthcare-specific blogging and content creation
  • Collateral development

For digital healthcare marketing, choose a HIPAA-compliant agency partner

Protecting patient data is (or certainly should be) a guiding concern for any medical organization. Having earned the seal of HIPAA-compliance, Estipona Group can ensure that your digital marketing communications will not compromise the safety of that data. Learn more about our HIPAA-compliant marketing.

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