Zach gives away hand thrown ceramics to strangers throughout Reno.

What do surfboards, hummus and craft brews have in common? For Zach Petersen, they were opportunities to pursue his passions and bring unique brand stories to life. Lucky for us, chasing his dreams prepared Zach well to join the Estipona Group account team.

At 15, his love of surfing led to making and marketing surfboards, resulting in sales around the world. In college, he turned his popular hummus recipe it into a funky, artisanal brand delivered by bike that caught the interest of Amazon Fresh. At 21, an interest in brewing beer took him off the traditional career path to Mexico where he could learn the business – and quite a bit of Spanish.

While Zach’s early endeavors may seem like youthful joy rides, they were serious business ventures that required hard work, big picture thinking and mastery of new skills. Brewing taught him the importance of the smallest details; Flow Bro Hummus Co. the value of partnership; and Lantern Surfboards the power of a well-crafted brand story. Zach applies all these talents as an account coordinator at Estipona Group, helping to meet the strategic and creative needs of a growing roster of public health, government, and education clients.

Zach knew he wanted to work in marketing early on, pursuing a major in Marketing & Graphic Design at Loyola Marymount University. After working as a craft beer brewer for several years (Baja California Sur, Mexico, Mammoth Lakes, California, then Reno, Nevada) Zach was ready to tap out (yes, pun intended) and return to his marketing roots. At Estipona Group, he found a company in sync with his desire to tell meaningful stories and make a positive impact on his community.

When he’s not focused on being the best possible marketing partner for his clients, Zach is maximizing his fun. You’ll find him climbing in Yosemite, backcountry skiing in the Sierras, in the studio throwing pots, listening to live music and generally seeking ways to be a better citizen of the world.