Bella performs a flute serenade for her parents on their birthdays every year.

Living in a foreign country, far from family and with a limited understanding of the language can be daunting for anyone. For Bella Albright, at the age of 19, it was all that — but also a dream come true.  

Spending a year of college  in Spain exposed Bella to all kinds of interesting art, design and culture; helped hone her Spanish language skills; improved her soccer game; and taught her how to quickly adapt to new situations. As it turns out, these are all talents Bella puts to use as a Junior Art Director at Estipona Group. (OK, we haven’t really tapped her mad soccer skills yet, but it could happen.) 

As an art lover who enjoys drawing, Bella found graphic design a natural career choice. It was also a more pragmatic choice than interior design, which ran a close second. This child of a concert violinist and graphic designer grew up around art, culture and music and has both an innate creativity and a natural sense for aesthetic composition. She also loves that graphic design is everywhere in her daily life, providing a constant source of inspiration.

At Estipona Group, a wide variety of design work keeps Bella on her toes, from developing logos to creating ADA compliant collateral and social media graphics. And with that year in Spain and a degree in Spanish, she is EG’s go-to gal for translating and transcreating Spanish marketing materials.

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a minor in Graphic Design, Bella and her boyfriend Agustin moved to San Jose, California, where he coaches soccer for a professional team. In her free time, this former high school standout and college soccer player enjoys playing in a co-ed league with her partner and exploring her new hometown on foot and bike.