We’re Hiring a Fall Social Media Intern

We’re Hiring a Fall Social Media Intern
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Who are you?

Maybe you’re a junior or senior in college getting ready for that much-anticipated “real world.” Or perhaps you’ve already graduated and are looking for a foot in the door at an agency to launch your career.

Whoever you are, we’re looking for a social media intern who will:

  • Have passion – You eat, breathe and sleep social media. When you’re not obsessing about crafting the perfect post for your Facebook profile, you’re spending WAY too much time watching brand stories on Instagram.
  • Go the extra mile – Our team of strategic communications professionals will assign you tasks until the cows come home. But can you think beyond the task? Can you look at a client’s social channel thoughtfully and suggest new / other / fun ideas to tackle? And can you then tackle said ideas?
  • Be tech savvy – You need to know your way around popular social channels (including by not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, Pinterest, etc.), ads & business manager and social scheduling tools. Bonus points if you know a thing or two about web analytics.
  • Show up and be present – Not only do you need to show up, and show up on time (aka 5 min early), you need to SHOW UP as well. Participate in discussions, listen, take notes, think, evaluate and be a valued member of the team.
  • Learn, learn, learn – It’s just going to be one big giant learn-fest for you. Beyond the natural learning that will come from being in our environment, we also want you to geek out on the prospect of learning on your own. There’s a lot of free social media knowledge hanging from the proverbial internet tree, and all you have to do is reach for it.
  • Be flexible like a contortionist (only symbolically) — You thrive in somewhat chaotic environments (the totally fun, creative kind). You are process-driven but don’t necessarily need linear processes, because pretty shiny objects are all around you, and you have mad skillz when it comes to keeping all those balls in the air somewhat effortlessly. Oh, and you also don’t necessarily need someone to constantly tell you what to do (because autonomy), but you’re not adverse to collaboration either (GOOOOO team!).

Who are we?

We are a 24-year old full-service marketing communications firm. We provide traditional advertising and public relations, social media, digital media and anything and everything else our clients may need to tell their story to their target audience. When what we do for our clients cannot be easily defined, we call it whatnot. Hence our tagline: “Communications and whatnot.” (Yeah, now is probably a good time to go take a look-see at our website for more info about us. Pretty please?)

Our clients range from education to healthcare, government to startups and a few in-between.


  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Opportunity for part-time and even full-time employment
  • Clothing allowance (haha kidding, just checking if you’re still reading)

Interested candidates can use our contact form to forward a resume and portfolio. Go ahead. We double-dog dare you.

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