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We're Hiring a Digital Specialist

Submitted by cbrice on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 12:52

The Estipona Group is seeking a full-time digital specialist to implement and help lead our digital marketing efforts. We’re looking for someone who is open to learning and growing the department over time. 
The primary function of this role is to perform research, monitor and analyze data, and then derive insights on that data to develop strategy and improve performance metrics for paid and organic efforts.


Paige Galeoto
Ahh 28. We're supposed to be well into adulting by now, but still youthful and optimistic. Are we?
Nicole Dion
estipona group is hiring an account coordinator
Estipona Group is seeking a kick-ass Account Coordinator (AC) to support our kick-ass work. If you are a no-loose-ends, details matter, get-it-done kind of person who isn’t afraid of (nay embraces) a
Nicole Dion
Founded in 1993, Estipona Group is a full-service creative agency. While we’re virtual (we don’t have an office) our team and clients are primarily located in Reno and throughout the state of Nevada
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