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Dianne Fernandez-Paiz

Dianne Fernandez-Paiz
Social Media Coordinator
dianne fernandez-paiz
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Submitted by ndion on Fri, 11/05/2021 - 14:36

As a child, Dianne Fernandez-Paiz dreamed of being a trendsetter in fashion. Today, she is a trend tracker instead, yet still able to scratch the creative itch that has always driven her.

Dianne is a social media coordinator at Estipona Group (EG), responsible for cultivating virtual communities for EG clients. It’s an oversimplified title for a job that includes staying up to date on both industry and social media trends, creating relevant social media content, engaging with the online community, and fostering deeper connection between her clients and their audiences.

The child of loving yet practical parents, Dianne was strongly dissuaded from being a fashion designer — but she wouldn’t let that stifle her creative passion. In marketing she found a career that marries the creative with the analytical, enabling her to use skills as diverse as graphic illustration and social media analytics.

Dianne loves to learn and develop new skills. She is bilingual in Spanish and English, as well as a self-described obsessive Googler, organization freak, and avid researcher who loves talking with people. She enjoys getting to know her clients and uncovering community sentiments to help foster authentic conversation. In her previous marketing roles, Dianne honed her social media skills, learning to identify client voice, juggle multiple responsibilities, and pivot quickly in response to the manic pace of the digital world.

Dianne grew up in a Spanglish home playing Super Mario Bros., collecting Nintendo figurines, and shouldering the responsibility of being the oldest child of first-generation immigrants. In her free time, she enjoys gaming; playing with her dwarf rabbit, Chunky; drawing; watching anime; and exploring Reno’s growing foodie scene with her boyfriend, Kevin. The first of her family to graduate from college (University of Nevada, Reno, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing), Dianne harnessed the pressure and expectations put on her to succeed in pursuit of her own dreams, while making her parents pretty darn proud.

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