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We’re virtual. But real.
(Because we like paradoxes.)

You know what happens when you don’t have to invest in walls, roofs, floors or any other limit-imposing aspect of a physical office?

You get to invest instead in creativity: talent and technology that together, kick some serious ad/PR/marketing/communication booty.

Welcome to our ‘virtual’ reality. Come meet the players.


Estipona Group - Our Mission - creative agency in Reno Nevada

Our mission:
Work smart. Play nice.
Do good. And whatnot.


Edward Estipona
President & CEO

Edward Estipona, is on a roll—and we’re not just talking pedaling 72 miles around Lake Tahoe. In addition to spinning through weekends on two wheels, Edward and his 27-year old agency have been gathering no moss as they transform marketing in the West. Here’s his story.

Paige Galeoto
VP of Creative

Just as “at home” sipping coffee outside a European café, enjoying an après-ski cocoa or relishing a carb-loaded meal after a long ride down a rugged mountain trail is our worldly creative director, Paige Galeoto. Here’s her story.

Kyle Brice
VP of Strategy

Kyle Brice was the kid who asked “Why?” — again and again and again — much to the irritation of his parents and teachers. Read his story.

Rajesh Bhimani
VP of Programming

Programming challenges are child’s play in his hands. He juggles code with ease and tackles programming challenges like a bocce master throwing the pallino. He’s our VP of Programming, Rajesh Bhimani. Here’s his story.

Nicole Rose Dion
Account Director

Her breezy demeanor and infectious personality make Nicole Rose Dion an ideal account director. She keeps her clients organized, her team on task, and her style — and social media game — are always on point. Here’s Nicole’s story.

Chelsey Brice
Account Manager

She believes process and strategy go together like a wink and a smile. So it’s no surprise that this driven account manager is a little obsessive over details — much to the benefit of her clients. Meet Account Manager Chelsey Brice. Read her story.

Stephanie Mazza
Senior Art Director

Like all kids, Stephanie Mazza designed a family newspaper when she was eight. Oh, that’s right, most kids don’t do that. But Stephanie wasn’t most kids. Read her story.

Marketing Analytics Specialist

Sarah Nguyen is one of those rare types who finds immense comfort in the unknown and she is perfectly comfortably being uncomfortable. Here's her story. 

Camie Yokote
Social Media Specialist

STI testing, avoiding foreclosure, child’s first cavity, bursitis — if you were to dig into Camie Yokote’s online search history, you might get the wrong impression. Here's her story.

dianne fernandez-paiz
Social Media Coordinator

As a child, Dianne Fernandez-Paiz dreamed of being a trendsetter in fashion. Today, she is a trend tracker instead, yet still able to scratch the creative itch that has always driven her. Here's her story

Bella Albright
Junior Art Director

Living in a foreign country, far from family and with a limited understanding of the language can be daunting for anyone. For Bella Albright, at the age of 19, it was all that — but also a dream come true. Here's her story 

Paige Galeoto
estipona group copywriting intern
Estipona Group is seeking the write copywriting intern to support the Senior Writer during the spring 2022 semester.
Nicole Dion
Estipona Group (EG) seeks a graphic design intern to supplement our art department for the spring 2022 semester. The intern will create graphics for social media for various client accounts as well
Paige Galeoto
Sparks art walk website graphic
Sparks were flying last year when we teamed up with a client on a mission to connect people with cultural opportunities while they are just hanging out on street corners. (And by hanging out we mean