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Race178 Social Media

Submitted by egskynet on Thu, 11/15/2018 - 23:56

Race178 Social Media: Leading the Engagement Pack


Race178 hired Estipona Group to help them market a new event: Reno Running Fest and encourage sign ups. This event would combine the previous Reno 10 Miler and Journal Jog into one weekend in September while also adding a new race: The Reno Mile.

Challenge #1: Although Race178’s Reno-Tahoe Odyssey (RTO) event has great name recognition in the running community far and wide, many people do not recognize Race178 as the owner and producer of the event.

Challenge #2: Reno Running Fest is a completely new event that has no name recognition in a pretty crowded running event market.

Approach: The RTO receives a ton of UGC (user generated content) on Instagram, but it hasn’t been capitalized on due to a lack of resources. We saw this as an opportunity for the new Reno Running Fest event. Our plan was to interact heavily with UGC during the RTO weekend as Race178 to increase public awareness that Race178 was the owner and producer of the event, linking the events and creating name recognition. In addition to engaging with the content, we also developed a contest to encourage users to tag @race178 in their content.

Once the RTO was over, we started marketing Reno Running Fest to all RTO runners (and their fans) we had engaged with since they would now be familiar with the Race178 name and therefore more receptive to the Reno Running Fest message.

Target: 2018 RTO participants and spectators who post event-related content on Instagram and Facebook.

During the weekend of May 31 – June 4 (RTO weekend):

  • Increase R178 followers on Instagram by 25%.
  • Announce the tagging contest winners on Facebook Live and receive 500 views.


SOCIAL MEDIA MONITORING: During the weekend of the ROT, we monitored the Race178 Facebook and Instagram accounts for tags, mentions, comments, etc. so we could respond and interact with those people and follow them if they fit within our target demographic for the upcoming Reno Running Fest: northern Nevada / California runners.

SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: Leading up to the RTO event, we promoted the official hashtag. Then during the weekend, we monitored that hashtag (among others) so we could engage with as much UGC as possible. Monitored hashtags included: #rto2018 (official hashtag), #renotahoeodyssey, #rtodyssey, #rtoreno, #rtonevada, #rto. Any time we saw a relevant post with these hashtags, we interacted with it in some way: like, comment, re-share, etc. Some examples of comments we left on people’s posts were:

  • Congrats! We’ll see you next year
  • What a great weekend it’s been!
  • Thank you for participating in our race, congrats on the finish! Tag @Race178 in the caption of this post and we’ll enter you to win $178!

CONTEST: Although interacting with UGC helps make Race178 top-of-mind with posters, it does little to reach their followers. So, we developed a contest to encourage people to tag @race178 in their RTO photo/video or caption so that people viewing their posts (and perhaps not reading the comments) would see it as well. If users tagged @race178 in their RTO content, they were entered to win one of two $178 cash prizes (we had one winner on Friday, one on Saturday).

The Monday following race weekend, we posted a Facebook Live video to announce the tagging contest winners. In the video, we invited everyone to sign up for Reno Running Fest.


  • We started mid-May with 312 followers on Instagram and ended the weekend at 500 followers – a 38% increase, 152% of goal.
  • There were 800+ public Instagram posts with #rto2018, and we successfully engaged with all relevant mentions during the weekend.
  • The Facebook Live contest announcement received 1,084 total views – 216.8% of goal, 65 reactions, 25 comments and 2 shares. We met our client’s budget and did not exceed cost or allocated time spent.

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