What can we say about Whatnot? Simply, that it’s everything we do that can’t be neatly tucked into our plethora of marketing and advertising services. It’s the kind of above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty stuff we do because we love our clients. A lot.

Let us demonstrate.

Once upon a time, an Estipona Group employee gave the cute, strappy shoes off her feet to a client who brought less cute, less strappy shoes to her own photo shoot. Another Estipona Group employee volunteered to wear a mascot costume at a client’s event for the sake of the brand marketing and sheer good will. (She still has residual claustrophobia issues.) Our graphic design department lent its keen eye and exquisite taste to a client who was stuck in office interior design hell. (The tile looks amazing!) And for reasons we won’t go into here, an employee of ours went on an emergency run to buy and deliver a pair of much needed tights to a client who was attending a conference.

We could go on—there’s a lot of whatnot that happens when Estipona Group is involved, but suffice it to say we’ll pretty much do what it takes as your branding agency to make you look good.

If we had to do it all over again, we’d do it the exact same way. (Except we’d bring the air freshener for the mascot costume.)